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Rp 1 Billion for a Teak Tree

Username By Barrie | September 30th, 2007 | Comments No Comments

A 35-meter-length of teak (Tectona grandis) has been sold for Rp 1 billion (US$108,000) in Cepu, Blora regency, Central Java. The tree was an estimated 150-200 years old and had a diameter of three meters when it was toppled by lightening in May 2006. The unmerchantable top and limbs of the tree were discarded.

Transtoto Handadhari, the president director of state-owned forestry company Perhutani, said the tree length had been sold in early August to Bobby Wibowo, a furniture businessman from East Java.

He earlier said the best price the company got for an entire teak tree was Rp 150 million.

The Rp 1 billion teak tree has been recorded by the Indonesian Museum of Records.

Bobby said various timber products would be made from the teak.
He said he had received orders from the Netherlands and Germany and was sure the teak was enough to make dozens of pieces of furniture.

Transtoto said his company still had 1,766 teak lengths in Temenggeng that were of the same age.

“There are 7,008 teak trees in Padangan, East Java, and one in Denok, Randublatung,” he said.


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