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Bogor Cultural Festival: Bogor, West Java

Username By Barrie | January 30th, 2007 | Comments No Comments

Sundanese cultural leaders in Sindang Barang heritage village in Pasir Eurih subdistrict, Bogor, will hold the Seren Taun Guru Bumi (annual offering to the earth ceremony) in early February.

Organizing committee chairman Maki Sumawijaya said on Monday the four-day ceremony would involve over 10,000 villagers.

Many artists, cultural observers, archaeologists and other cultural leaders in West Java are on the invitation list.

“This could be the main tourist attraction of the year,” Maki said.

The ceremony will start on Feb. 1 with a meeting of Sundanese cultural leaders, followed by a trip to collect water from seven springs, cake offerings, a buffalo parade and a performance of traditional music angklung gubrag.

On the last day, villagers will put on traditional Sundanese dances and plays.

Priatna, the head of the regional tourism agency’s cultural division, said the annual ceremony was part of its efforts to preserve Sundanese culture.

“After the event, we will promote the village as a living museum of the history of the Padjadjaran Kingdom,” he said.

Source: Jakarta Post

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